Monetize your Telegram audience

MainWallet is a payment service.
If you have a chat, a channel or a game in Telegram MainWallet helps you get instant payments

Recieve money to your @username or phone number 📱 inside Telegram

Sounds cool 😊 What else can MainWallet do?

It’s more than
just e-wallet  

Create a merchant in 1 click to accept and send payments right away ⚡

Is this real moneу? 💴

It’s real Bitcoin.
@username = bitcoin wallet 💰
Your account is protected by Telegram security 🔑

Okay, that’s great!
So how does it work?

Make money by creating a button

What kinds of buttons are there?

Donate 🍩
Quiz ❓
Paywall 🛡
Paybot 👾

Okay, I get it 😎

Select a channel or a group️
Game 🕹
Channel 👤
Chat 👥

You publish a message with a donate button on your channel 👤

@user1 just needs to click it to send money 🤑

Cancel ❌
Donate 0.001 BTC

Your wallet balance now is 0.001 BTC  ✅👌🏻
Money came from @user1 🎉🎉

Wow! I didn’t think it was so simple

We also have cool dog stickers 😎

How can I withdraw money from MainWallet?

Just type /withdraw, select a currency and then you’ll get the code, it’s easy


Paste the address of your BTC wallet for withdrawal

Here is my adress!

You can move money from MainWallet to any bitcoin wallet in any currency you need too!

Oh man, that’s really awesome 🤘
Can I try it now?

Here is the button. Tap it and we’ll give you 0.00001 BTC 🎉🎉 so you can recieve it instantly and start making money with MainWallet 🙃