What can MainWallet offer for WebView and HTML5 applicatons?

You can transfer your game 🎮 to Telegram to plug in MainWallet in the processing like this 🔽

@CashLoft Games Bot

⚔️Mining Factory
A top quality 3x5 video slot with 27 paylines, Expanding Wilds, Free Spins and Accumulative bonus.

Deposit 💰
Receive 📤
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Why do I need this?

You’ll have access to the global audience. 🌎

Cost of user engagement is lower, average cost is 5 cents 👑

There is no need to search, install and register. ❌ 🔎 Distribute your game with a simple forwarded message. 📩

WOW ! 💥💫

Forwarded from MainWallet via @pokertelegrambot

Telgram Poker Game
Poker on Telegram

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New user just needs to tap a 🕹 PLAY 🕹 button to start playing.

All you need is their Telegram. No registration! 👏

I want to start right now!

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